Where to Train: J2FIT

This afternoon, my assistant and I were trained by one of the co-founders, Mike Barbot BA, USAW L1, CPT, Pn1, in a semi-private duet session. We met in a small, boutique studio, called the Remorca Gallery, on the UES. In spite of the limited space, this facility had all of the requisite equipment for a serious strength or circuit training workout. Mike put together a circuit consisting of 6 stations, each focusing on a different skill and body part. We performed two rounds, and were encouraged to do as many reps (in good form) as possible for forty second interval, given a twenty second rest between HIIT, (high-intensity interval training).

While I felt challenged, I was never pushed to do something that might result in injury.

Before we began the circuit, we started with some skill work for olympic lifting, which is needed in the currently popular “Crossfit” workouts. Olympic lifting is technically complex, and requires expert cuing to learn properly. While Kyra and I have different backgrounds and levels of experience with these moves, Mike was able to identify an ability-appropriate level for both of us to work at, and emphasized the importance of form over weight or number of reps.

We finished up with low-impact mobility exercises, to maintain the range of motion necessary for safe and efficient movement. They also served as a nice cool down, easing us into a resting state. At the end, I was energized, rather than beaten up, and was really pleased with Mike’s balanced approach. Not only was he technically knowledgeable, he knew what we needed as individuals, and did not attempt to indoctrinate us with his own personal opinions on fitness. Chatting afterwards, he mentioned that when he starts working with a client, he will ask, “Are you happy with the way you are? Is what you’ve been doing getting you results?” . He uses this as a way to begin a discussion about openness to change. He takes a collaborative approach, and strives to help clients achieve the goals that matter to them, through strategic, long-term planning.

J2Fit is looking for clients that are ready to commit to a six to twelve week program, which in line with the necessary length of time for adaptation to take place within the body. The J2Fit team are passionate about fitness, and the lifestyle that supports it. In addition to training, they also offer nutritional counseling and remote coaching.

I would highly recommend J2Fit for anyone who is preparing for an event, or looking for a real transformation. If you have the will, they have the resources!