Thank god for Fridays, Thank god for Yoga!

Today, Melissa and I attended a spiritual and meaningful class at Mang’Oh yoga. Our instructor, Lisa Iannacito McBride approached the group with an open mind and with an open heart. Her goal was, “to use the aspects of time and space as an opportunity to choose and react.” Lisa began the class by saying, “let go, let go” providing a sense of detachment from our surroundings that altered our mindsets.

A yoga instructor’s energy is everything. Often, yoga classes feel intimidating and uncomfortable if the instructor does not begin the class with an acceptance of everyone’s capabilities. Lisa made us feel welcome and embraced everyone’s injuries, modifications and even pregnancies.

With a comforting smile, and soft, calming voice she lead the class through the practice, while identifying a sense of importance to realigning our postures and strengthening our cores. Lisa’s cuing style was impeccably on point. She chose music which carried us through the Vinyasa as we settled and relaxed in a pose and as we tried out new, more difficult poses. Unlike other instructors, Lisa let the class try to react to her own voice without interfering with individual instruction. We were to identify “how to” according to how Lisa described the pose. As first, I was a little nervous about carrying out the poses correctly, but as the class progressed I felt more and more confident and trustworthy of my own body.

“Parsva Bakasana / Side Crane Pose“ which was the pose of the month, was much more challenging than I anticipated. I thought I would have the ability to lift myself off of the floor, although I was not able to. I assume my stabilization skills need to be strengthened. Melissa on the other hand performed the new pose outstandingly, as the only practitioner in the class to do so!

Towards the end of our sequence, Lisa told us to relax and close our eyes. We laid for about five minutes in silence, giving our minds the chance to stop thinking and feel at peace. Then Lisa rubbed a beautiful lavender scent onto each person’s temples. Melissa and I walked out of Mang’oh yoga feeling rejuvenated, regenerated and refreshed. Mang’oh is a great place to practice yoga for anyone from beginners to yoga masters. I strongly encourage you take an hour out of your hectic Friday schedule to do yoga with Lisa at Mag’oh Yoga!