The Evolution of Walnut Health, LLC: Celebrating 2 Years of Wellness

Walnut Health, LLC was originally founded as a consulting business with just myself and a great roster of referrals.  My original goal was to integrate exercise into traditional medicine.  Personal experience and an abundance of research have proven that exercise benefits almost every aspect of health, and can improve just about any medical condition.  

I began by offering my services primarily to sole practitioners, who were looking for support in helping patients make lifestyle changes.  Not only did I coach them on the types of questions to ask, but how to phrase them in a way that didn’t feel patronizing.  Additionally, I provided them with customized forms for collecting patient data on exercise, and connected them with local fitness professionals who specialized in issues their patients were dealing with.

The second phase of of our development was venturing into corporate wellness.  I focused on small businesses that couldn’t afford to build out large-scale wellness programs, but wanted to support employees in creating work-life balance and adopting healthier habits.  In this area, WH tailors educational workshops and organizes health/fitness events, as well as refers employees to trainers, nutritionists, therapists, and doctors that can give them more extensive help.

In our third phase, I’ve selected four exceptional women to join me in offering a service for individuals known as “Integrative Fitness”, with a focus on women’s health.  Women face disproportionately high rates of obesity, eating disorders, depression, and stress.  I’ve become so disillusioned with the way that the fitness & diet industries have actually been exacerbating these issues, that I wanted to offer an alternative.  We encourage women to become stronger mentally and physically through self-care.

Our new team members have a multitude of certifications in personal training, nutrition, health coaching, and psychology.  We combine our bodies of knowledge to help clients make sustainable lifestyle changes that improve overall health, in a unique collaborative process.

Using a comprehensive intake assessment, we evaluate the needs and goals of each person, then build a customized wellness program just for them.  We also offer varying levels of one-on-one support, based on where someone needs the most help.  For instance, we may recommend client 'A' see a trainer three times per week, and client 'B', only once per month. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the most beneficial service, and working with them to make it affordable with in-person and remote coaching options.  

Additionally, we’ve created a series of workshops, now open to the public, on various topics related to exercise, nutrition, mindset, and behavior change.  Each one of our team members has developed a curriculum which showcases her knowledge and shares her perspective on improving health.  For more information, please visit the “Events” page of our website:

As we continue to grow and expand our services, our mission has become clear: we want to empower people with the knowledge about nutrition, exercise, and stress management needed to make positive lifestyle changes.  Additionally, we’re here to help them reframe the way they think, and give them the emotional support to make those changes permanent. We look forward to many more years of helping our clients achieve better health!