Where to Eat: Just Salad

Salad lovers should definitely hit up the fun and eco-friendly NYC based salad shop, Just Salad. This stop and chop restaurant has everything from salads to sandwiches to stir fried meals. Walk into one of their shops and purchase a plastic, portable and reusable salad bowl, which comes in fun colors and only cost a dollar. When purchasing your bowl, you will receive two free essential toppings! Maybe, their name should be more like “More than just salad” with all that they offer. The best part of Just salad is it’s numerous locations throughout NYC. Whether you are on the run, taking a break from work or just looking for a healthy, clean place to eat, this joint offers a variety of toppings from shrimp to feta cheese to Buffalo Chicken. For creating your signature salad, add on a low fat Horseradish Chive dressing to complete that mouthwatering kale salad! It’ll give a great kick of sweet and salty to your meal. Another key element to what Just Salad has to offer is that you can eat salad every day, and never eat the same meal twice! They have a variety of toppings toppings to create say your “Mexican” or “Italian” type salad.

If your stuck at your desk till 7pm, no worries Just Salad will deliver it to your cubicle! You could even order a protein based morning meal, which includes a Berry Wild Smoothie, made with soy-milk and fat-free frozen yogurt and even choose your own protein powder. So, whether its morning or night there is always something healthy and tasty to munch on from Just Salad.

Here’s a made up salad for you to try next time your hit up your local Just Salad location:

Kale based, black beans, corn, cucumber, beets, jalapeño, tomato, red onion and a kale-pesto vinaigrette.