Why Your Health Needs Pleasure

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

~ Katharine Hepburn

As you step into 2017, you likely have some "health" resolutions--some behaviors that you want to change.

But ask yourself this:

Do you make time for Sustainable Pleasure?

Does the idea of pleasure elicit feelings of guilt? Do you feel stuck in survival mode, turning to a "quick fix" to help you cope with the madness and stress of it all?

Guess what: You are not alone.

According to Nicole Daedone, a term coined and taught by Nicole Daedone, founder and CEO of OneTaste, far too many people suffer from a “pleasure deficit disorder”.

At Walnut Health, we see pleasure as a core motivator.

When we boil it down, we're all just trying to make ourselves FEEL better, right?

Unfortunately, many women connect pleasure and "sensual experiences" with discomfort, fear and shame.

"A woman who is self-conscious can't relax to let her sensuality come into play. If she is hungry she will be tense...If she is ashamed of her body, its movement will be stilled."

~ Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

We get it. It's far too easy to “should” yourself to death, never acknowledging the fear, anger, and frustration that really weighs you down. But, while “Band-aids” and "quick fixes" might feel good in the short-term, they often lead to health issues that actually increase stress.

Continuing habits simply because they are what you know can prohibit you from learning what truly feels good to you.

Our 6-week online course is all about helping you identify the root causes of your feelings and learn healthy coping strategies. It offers tools for increasing conscious awareness of the ways in which you seek pleasure, helps you increase connection to your body and needs, and supports the development of a new relationship with your body--one that preserves pleasure while building a sustainable approach to eating, exercising, and even intimate relationships.

Are you ready to live in a way that brings you both big-picture pleasure and long-term health?

We see pleasure not as a goal, but as an essential ingredient in daily life–and an integral facet of health. We wholeheartedly believe that you can have it all–or at least more than you think you can.

We believe that exercising and eating well don’t need to feel like onerous and punitive tasks. We believe that these elements of self-care can actually be therapeutic and healing, leading to increased daily pleasure and a greater sense of empowerment.

We know that lifestyle is at the heart of good health, and, to make sustainable habit changes, it’s imperative to develop both non-self-destructive coping mechanisms and to address the root causes of emotional distress. We know that making pleasure a priority positively reinforces changes in behaviors and mindsets.

You have the power to feel pleasure on a daily basis, to make it a VIP value in your life and through your actions.  

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Sustainable Pleasure:

Healthy habits that actually feel good

And, to preview the curriculum for our 6-week online course, take this Course Tour.