The Problem

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The focus of the fitness and nutrition industry on improving physical health and appearance, often ignores the importance of mental health in one’s overall well-being.  Usually unintentionally and unknowingly, professionals may use language that contributes to stress, shame, and confusion about what it means to “be healthy”.

A hyperfocus on aesthetics and weight loss can inhibit clients from reaping the self-care and mental health benefits of physical activity and nutrition. As a result, clients are often set-up for failure and may even experience more negative outcomes due to low self-efficacy and continual cycles of extreme behaviors.  

Our Solution

We need to change the conversation around fitness and nutrition by prioritizing mental health and addressing the root causes of destructive coping mechanisms.


It’s time to increase the integrity of coaching and treatment by developing an approach that integrates physical and mental health.

Our focus: Empowerment

Our lens: Compassion

What Led Us Here

We have been there, as both fitness professionals and as women, witnessing and adopting disenfranchising methods of coping that stemmed from hurtful relationships with our bodies and with “health”. We experienced “health” at its worst, and we know that there is a better way.

We recognize that health habits are rooted in cultural norms, ideals, expectations, and roles.

We understand that behaviors impacting health are often coping mechanisms adopted in order to avoid discomfort/pain and that (1) addressing the symptoms vs the roots, and (2) attacking these behaviors through shame only perpetuates the problem.

What We Do


We help raise awareness of the root causes that underlie self-destructive coping mechanisms.

We offer communication strategies for wellness professionals that integrate physical and mental health through a process of Validation, Mindfulness, Neutrality, and Empowerment.

We design socially-conscious education programs for wellness professionals based in behavioral psychology that facilitate sustainable changes in health habits.

We practice “Integrative Fitness” through an empowered approach to health that includes mental and emotional health, nutrition, and exercise.

We facilitate, we educate, we create, we collaborate, and we connect.