Our Mission


Our mission is to improve the ethical standards and efficacy in communication around lifestyle modification interventions for women by integrating fitness and mental health. We constantly strive to improve the health and happiness of all women, because we recognize that their well-being is critical to the health and success of the entire community.

We are here to:

  • Reframe the language and mindset around health and behavior change

  • Build self-advocacy in the name of health

  • Shift the current health trends and inspire a judgment-free version of health that empowers through an approach focused on self-worth, sustainability, and social support

  • Strengthen internal resources that in turn strengthen relationships and build a compassionate healthcare community

Our Philosophy

Our only rule for health: It must empower.

When it comes to health, it’s not only what we say–it’s also how we say it.

We believe that how we speak about health matters, so we focus on language that empowers sustainable behavior change and health-promoting policies.

We believe in

  • In the power of connection and creating a sense of belonging, so we help build compassionate health communities.

  • In the power of a self-empowered mindset, so we encourage self-advocacy.

  • In sustainable habit changes, so we address the root causes of emotional distress and help develop coping mechanisms that work for health, not against it.

  • In the therapeutic benefits of fitness and nutrition, so we prioritize pleasure in order to positively reinforce self-healing habits.

Our Core Values

  • Leading with a framework of Compassion, Mindfulness, Neutrality, and Empowerment

  • Self-advocacy and self-worth

  • Empowering language that improves daily functioning, allows for pleasure, and inspires living a value-driven healthy life on individual terms

  • Sustainable behavior change for the sake of health rather than at the expense of it

  • A shame-free, value-driven, one-size-fits-none approach to health and health policies

  • A compassionate community of support through shared stories and experiences