1: You get on board.


Option 1: You simply sign the oath here, and check "yes"!

  • You value our mission and vow to help raise the standards of the fitness industry by practicing the four pillars: Compassion, Mindfulness, Neutrality, and Credibility
  • What this means: We add you to our list of pledges, so you can see keep track of how many people have signed on!


Option 2: You serve as a Raise the Bar Ambassador!

  • You serve as an "official" campaign representative and promoter by helping us raise the standards of the fitness industry. 
  • What this means: You email us your preferred social media handles and your mailing address, using the subject line "RTB Ambassador", and choose one of two options:
    • Option 1: Share the Raise the Bar campaign on social media, tagging #whraisethebar, and we will cross-promote you! Do you offer a course or workshop? How can we help spread awareness of work you do/programs you offer to other wellness professionals that aligns with that idea of elevating the profession.
      • Twitter: Here’s a shareable link
      • Join our LinkedIn group

      • Facebook: Share this link to help raise awareness and rally the troops

      • Instagram: Take a pic of you holding some kind of bar--you know, get creative--and use our hashtag #whraisethebar

    • Option 2: Share the Raise the Bar campaign with three people whom you think might let to join the campaign


2: If You Go the Ambassador Route, We Give You Stuff


  • We give you a shout out on social media!

  • We give you a free Raise the Bar tote bag!

  • We add you to our Raise the Bar list, so that you can stay updated on campaign happenings and offerings.

(*We promise not to bombard you. We get it: Your inbox is already overloaded.)


Are you in?!


Our current goal = 1,000 pledges...

and we hope to raise that number exponentially.

Let’s think big.

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