Learn how to develop healthy habits that actually feel GOOD!

Sustainable Pleasure is a  6-week online course all about identifying the root causes of feelings and learning healthier coping strategies. It offers tools for increasing conscious awareness of the ways in which one seeks pleasure, helps increase connection to the body and its needs, and supports the development of a new relationship with one's body–one that preserves pleasure while building a sustainable approach to eating, exercising, and even intimate relationships.

Consider Sustainable Pleasure a form of Health Education, or “Health Therapy”.

It is not prescription to follow: It is a guide--because everyone is different, because quick fixes usually don’t work long-term, and because self-trust and self-connection form the foundation of developing habits that stick.

We are the authors of our own stories, and we get to choose what works for us.

We all have the power to make pleasure a VIP value in our lives.

Sustainable Pleasure is about:

  • Mindset, versus stuffing full of specific information about how to get the “best bod”
  • Posing questions to help frame internal dialogue
  • Sharing stories of inspiring women to build strength and diminish shame
  • Realistic optimism and empowerment
  • Examining current coping mechanisms that don’t feel so good and shifting them toward coping mechanisms that do feel good
  • Maintaining a sense of humor
  • Working with vulnerabilities and perceived “weaknesses” so that we are not our own worst enemies
  • Getting ready to step out of self-perpetuating cycles and make sustainable habit changes

How It Works

  • Writing prompts, downloadable worksheets, multimodal activities, and resources

  • No more than 15ish minutes every day

  • Access to our private Facebook group

And life-long access.

The Rundown


  • 1: Pursuing Pleasure: Feeling Good & Crossing Your Harm Line
  • 2: Connecting with Pleasure: Taking the Wheel & Rewriting the “Rules”
  • 3: Sustainable Pleasure: Owning Power & Planning for Pleasure


  • 1: The Pleasure Switch: Understanding Your Relationship with Pleasure
  • 2: The “Harm Line”: Where is Yours?
  • 3: The “Pleasure System”: Who’s Driving Your Pleasure?
  • 4: The Pleasure Wheel: Taking Control
  • 5: Pleasure Power: Rebuilding Your System
  • 6: The Pleasure Plan: Choosing Sustainable Pleasure


  • #mindfulmonday: Join WH for a chat over tea, set your intention, and get  ready for the week!
  • #temptingtuesday: Explore your relationship with pleasure from a place of shame free curiosity, complete with Mad Libs!
  • #womancrushwednesday: Real women, w/ real struggles, inspiring with their journeys to self-love.
  • #therapythursday: Try some new expressive outlets to manage stressful emotions w/o breaking the bank or nursing a hangover.
  • #funbagfriday: Time to let your hair down w/ a little “me time”: Self-reflection + fun + reading recommendations!

You Will Need

1. A journal that makes you smile (preferably without lines)

2. A printer, if possible, to print the worksheets

3. An open & willing mind