Motivational interviewing focused on fitness + nutrition + behavior change

Modified to fit the needs of your industry and organization


Facing Obstacles & Recovering from Setbacks

How do you help clients begin understand and overcome challenges with family, friends, and colleagues? Learn how to prevent letting a “slip-up” turn into a “relapse”.


Walking the Tightrope of "Ideal"

What does attractiveness really mean? What is our society's image of the female “ideal”? Concepts include "Walking the tightrope", "faking it", and the “good girl” curse.  What does it take to challenge the “ideal” ? Can we actually learn from how men treat women in our society? 


Empowering SElf-care

Our signature workshop! Rewrite health "rules" and learn how to help your clients practice self-care in a way that preserves power and allows for pleasure. by shifting priorities, examining values, and creating a plan.


Goal-Setting & Motivation

How can we support long-term motivation? Learn how to use breath and interrupt impulsive reactions. Gain insight into socio-cultural pressures faced by women both at work and at home, and focus on goal-setting based on personal fulfillment versus meeting expectations.


Women, Food & Sexuality

Both fear of sexual violence and unmet sexual needs can manifest in a client's relationship with food. Explore the cultural climate that both hyper-sexualizes women and shuns them for being promiscuous--and how that influences eating behavior.


The Science & Psychology of Cravings

Explore the complex overlap between biology and emotions that result in cravings for food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Examine how stress and hormones can affect willpower and discuss strategies on how to minimize and cope with these influences.